Ferris + Associates Inc.
Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
The Keeley Condominiums

Location : Toronto, Ontario

Developer : TAS Design Build

Architect : Teeple Architects

Project Completion : In Progress

The Keeley, a new condominium development is located across from Downsview Park and within walking distance to ravine trails and amenities that will encourage a healthy lifestyle.  The building has been designed to offer a variety of amenities while adhering to sustainability standards.  It has incorporated green strategies into its design in the form of a full green roof that will reduce the building’s overall energy use and high albedo paving.  Also contributing to this is the use of naturalized plant material throughout, as well as plant species specifically chosen to attract pollinator insects.  The landscape design includes an internal courtyard surrounded by at-grade townhomes, play areas for children, bicycle path connections as well as large roof terraces that include dining and lounge areas, and as a means of promoting community living, garden plots for the use of all residents.

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