Ferris + Associates Inc.
Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Tip Top Lofts

Location : Toronto, Ontario

Developer : Context Development Inc.

Architect : Architects Alliance, ERA Architects

Project Completion : 2007

This project is an excellent example of urban renewal. The historically recognized building façade and lobby were restored to their original conditions while modern loft apartments were added to both contrast and compliment. Elements of the original front entrance were restored and reinstated including the entrance stairs, the water fountain and the entrance pillars. The landscape design and plant selection has been kept strong and simple. An arc parallel to Lake Shore Blvd. defines the vehicular drive while a grid of pavers parallel to the building defines both the pedestrian and parking areas. A hedge of beech flanks the building with mass beds of ornamental grass. Crab apple trees and boxwood hedges were used to address both the historical background of the original landscape and the formality of the water feature. Housekeeping was kept as elegant as the building itself by creating a frosted glass enclosure for garbage bins.

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